Bar-Ilan University, September 13, 2021

8:30-9:00  Registration  
9:00-9:15  Opening Remarks  
9:15-9:45“Identification of Symmetry-Protected Topological States on Noisy Quantum Computers”
Daniel Azses, Tel Aviv University  
9:45-10:15“Distributed quantum computing with classical communication”
Ofer Casper, Technion  
10:15-10:45“Neural networks for state-preparation-and-measurement (SPAM) error mitigation”
Frima Kalyuzhner, Bar-Ilan University  
10:45-11:00Invited virtual talk “Unitary fund – because evolution is unitary” – microgrants for students and developers
Nathan Shammah, Unitary fund & Riken University, Tokyo
11:00-11:30  Coffee break  
11:30-12:00“Cloud-based experiments on many-body dynamics with IBM Quantum devices”
Haggai Landa, IBM Research, Haifa  
12:00-12:30“A comparison between D-wave and a classical approximation algorithm and a heuristic for computing the ground state of an Ising spin glass”
Rami Pugatch, Ben Gurion University
12:30-13:00“Simulating long-range hopping with periodically-driven superconducting qubits”
Mor Roses, Bar-Ilan University  
13:00-14:30  Lunch break  
14:30-15:00“Adiabatic crossing of a Floquet topological quantum phase transition on a quantum computer”
Eran Sela, Tel Aviv University
15:00-15:30“Playing quantum nonlocal games with six noisy qubits on the cloud”
Meron Sheffer, Bar-Ilan University  
15:30-16:00“Purity loss and the diagnostics of quantum circuits using periodic driving”
Raam Uzdin, Hebrew University  
16:00-16:30  Coffee Break  
16:30-17:15Invited virtual talk “Unbiasing Fermionic Quantum Monte Carlo with a Quantum Computer”
Joonho Lee, Columbia University / Google Quantum AI
17:15-18:00Invited virtual talk “Quantum simulations in the NISQ era: Simulating Hamiltonian dynamics on a quantum computer using the off-diagonal series expansion”
Itay Hen, University of Southern California