Quantum computing is an emerging technology, with the potential to outperform classical computing (at least for some specific computationally hard problems). To reach this goal, scientists estimate that one needs millions of qubits operating at 99.9% fidelity (10^-3 error per gate). The best quantum computer currently available are limited to tens of qubits with 10^-2 errors. What can we do with these quantum computers? Recent works by early adopters show that current quantum computers on the cloud can be used to solve simple quantum molecules, realize foundational demonstrations with shallow algorithms, study the dynamics of quantum systems, and more. The Quantum computing on the cloud – Early Adopters Meeting (QEAM21) will review the current usage of quantum computers for industrial and academic purposes, in Israel. All active researchers in the field are welcome to submit an abstract below. Preference will be given to works that are either published or submitted to the arXiv.

Organizers: Emanuele Dalla Torre (Bar-Ilan University), Adi Makmal (Bar-Ilan University), and Raam Uzdin (Hebrew University)

Venue: Bar-Ilan University

Date: Monday, September 13, 2021

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