“Identification of Symmetry-Protected Topological States on Noisy Quantum Computers”
Daniel Azses, Tel Aviv University

“Distributed quantum computing with classical communication”
Ofer Casper, Technion

“Neural networks for state-preparation-and-measurement (SPAM) error mitigation”
Frima Kalyuzhner, Bar Ilan University

“Cloud-based experiments on many-body dynamics with IBM Quantum devices”
Haggai Landa, IBM Research, Haifa

“A comparison between D-wave and a classical approximation algorithm and a heuristic for computing the ground state of an Ising spin glass”
Rami Pugatch, Ben Gurion University

“Simulating long-range hopping with periodically-driven superconducting qubits”
Mor Roses, Bar Ilan University

“Identification of Symmetry-Protected Topological States on Noisy Quantum Computers”
Eran Sela, Tel Aviv University

“Playing quantum nonlocal games with six noisy qubits on the cloud”
Meron Sheffer, Bar Ilan University

“Purity loss and the diagnostics of quantum circuits using periodic driving”
Raam Uzdin, Hebrew University

Plenary Talks:

“Unbiasing Fermionic Quantum Monte Carlo with a Quantum Computer”
Joonho Lee, Columbia University/Google QuantumAI

“Quantum simulations in the NISQ era: Simulating Hamiltonian dynamics on a quantum computer using the off-diagonal series expansion”
Itay Hen, University of Southern California